Wearing is caring.  The best way to care for your Seneca pieces is by wearing them. Should your pieces need some TLC:


  • Most Seneca Jewelry designs are made of non tarnish sterling silver.  This means that your pieces will not turn dark like normal sterling silver jewelry.  However, on certain styles we still have a few components that are not tarnish free - such as certain chains and findings. 
  • Over time, you may find your pieces may lose their shine from the use of lotions, hair sprays and even weather.  Wash your pieces in warm water with regular liquid dish soap such as Palmolive and dry with a soft dry white towel.  This process will instantly renew shine.
  • A soft jewelry cleaning/polishing cloth also works well for styles with pearls and semi-precious stones.
  • Wright’s Silver Cream is the only jewelry paste recommended. However, take-care not to use the paste on gemstones or pearls as over time they will lose their luster.



  • To revitalize you piece, wash it in warm water w/ dish soap such as Palmolive and dry with a soft dry towel.  This process will instantly renew shine.
  • A liquid jewelry cleaner is fine. Take extra special care to not let the cleaner come in contact with semi-precious stones or pearls.


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