Seneca Jewelry is very proud of it’s business model and without a dedicated support staff, it would be an enormous challenge for Sarah Jane to execute her creative vision.  We have so much respect for this hardworking and talented team.  It would be remiss not to share a little bit about each of them with our customers.  So, without further adieu...The Seneca Jewelry Team:

Stanley B. - Vice President Of Online Customer Support For Seneca Jewelry

Stanley B.

Senior V.P. President Of Online Operations

Prior to joining Seneca, Stanley was Jeff Bezos' right hand.  Stanley credits much of his skill and insight to his time working with Mr. Bezos.  On his days off, you can find Stanley with his lovely wife Gretchen and their 54 children.  Stanley's idea of a really good time (aside from Mrs. B.) is a day of snowboarding, working in the garden and Snapchat. 

Skippy:  Online Customer Communications For Seneca Jewelry


Executive V.P. Of Online Customer Support & Communications

A native Arizonan, Skippy's favorite pastimes are spring training baseball and bird watching.  His happy go lucky demeanor around the office makes him the perfect employee to work alongside.  Skippy was once quoted as saying "Woof. Woof - woof, woof.  WOOF! WOOF! Woof. Woooooooooof."

Wally G. Chief Financial Officer & Head Of Security For Seneca Jewelry

Wally G.

Chief Financial Officer & Head Of Security

 Wally G. joined the Seneca Jewelry team after 10 years of casino management on the Las Vegas Strip.  His innate finance skills and savvy street smarts make him a real catch and we are so lucky to have him aboard. Wally G.'s (not) guilty pleasures are a good hamburger and heavy merlot.

Ta Lulu & Twirly:  Co Executive Vice Presidents Of Shipping & Receiving

Ta Lulu & Twirly

Co Executive V.P.'s of Shipping & Receiving

When we need something handled S.T.A.T., Ta Lulu & Twirly are who we call.  Their positive "can do" attitudes and sharp listening skills are beyond admirable.  A little side trivia; prior to joining Seneca, Ta Lulu travelled the world as New York Metropolitan Ballet Dancer and Twirly was a backup singer/dancer for Britney Spears.  

Axel is in charge of quality control and customer satisfaction for Seneca Jewelry


Quality Control / Customer Satisfaction / Philosophical References

Not to be confused with the famous rock star Axel Rose, Axel's background is in Zen Buddhism and stoic philosophy.  Ironically, he has a keen interest in making sure everything is perfect.  Axel's idea of the perfect day is chilling with friends by the pool, with a cooler of craft beer and hot dogs on the grill.