Who Cares If Valentine's Day Is Over Commercialized!

Who Cares If Valentine's Day Is Over Commercialized!

Like most holidays, Valentine's Day has become highly commercialized and I think it's exactly what we need. Thank you Hallmark!  Any opportunity to show love in our world is always an opportunity worth grabbing. I can't think of a single downside. 

Charlie Brown Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of my most favorite holidays.  It's a chance for us to let our guard down and express our softer side (yes, we all really do have a softer side).  I love the colors, silly cards, candy and the sweet thoughts shared between loved ones.  More than ever, I love the idea of doing something special for those you care about whether it is romantic or friendship.  It's important.  It makes us all feel good.  It's too bad it's not every darn day.

So, bring it on; the $20 obnoxious greeting cards with music, Godiva and Russell Stover Chocolates, overpriced long stem red roses - and of course Charlie Brown and the little redhead girl. ♥  

If you like, click here for a Seneca Jewelry Valentine's Day Gift Guide which I curated just for my favorite day!

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