What Do Reese Witherspoon, Albert Einstein, Lady Gaga And My Mother All Have In Common?

What Do Reese Witherspoon, Albert Einstein, Lady Gaga And My Mother All Have In Common?

A)  Prosecco  B)  Aquamarine  C)  Over 1 million followers on Instagram

D)  Great Street Style  E)  All of the above

I'll give you a few hints.  It's exotic, pricey and is most commonly found in Brazil.

If you guessed March's birthstone, aquamarine, then you are correct (this is a jewelry blog, by the way).

Aquamarine Grand Jubilee Talis Cuff In 18k Gold From Seneca Jewelry

In honor of March birthdays, Seneca is launching the Grand Jubilee Talis Cuff with aquamarine.  At first glance, you will see that the aquamarines are a larger size than the stones set in the original Jubilee Talis Cuffs.  The use of larger stones is because it is nearly impossible to acquire aquamarines below 3mm without losing its gorgeous ocean blue color. Therefore, we carved a new master model to accommodate the larger size stone.  Anything for aqua!!!  Plus, I have never heard anyone complain about upgrading to a larger stone!  

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The aquamarines used for the Grand Jubilee Talis Cuff are directly from the Santa Maria de Itabira mine in Brazil.  This material is considered the most desirable in the world because of its pure blue color and the fact that it is very hard to come by as the mine is practically out of order. 

If you are not a March birthday and love aquamarine as much as I do - do not fret! The Grand Jubilee Talis Cuff with aquamarine is also a talisman for vitality. I'll take 4 for each wrist please!  

Vitality: While We Are Postponing, life speeds us by.  Seneca - Aquamarine Talisman Cuff

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