The Philosophy Of Style:  Mixing It Up With Interior Designer Julia Buckingham

The Philosophy Of Style: Mixing It Up With Interior Designer Julia Buckingham

The sign of a great party is thinking half way through the night that you don't want it to ever end.  This is exactly how I would describe interior designer, Julia Buckingham's sense of style.


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Interior designer, Julia Buckingham’s Modernique® style captures the eye of fellow designers and style aficionados from around the world.  Julia is predominantly known for her famous interiors, Buckingham Interiors & Design, her Modernique® stores, a brand licensing venture with Global Views and her gorgeous book appropriately titled Modernique®.  As if that isn’t already enough, the beautiful wife and mother of three children has a fantastic fashion sense to boot!  It is an honor and a privilege to interview Julia about her philosophy of style. 

Modernique By Julia Buckingham

Julia's Addicting Style

SJ: Julia, Your sense of style with interiors is so inspiring and totally addicting!  Your Modernique® look and brand have revolutionized the design field.  How did you come up with the name and the concept Modernique®? Was there a specific “Ah-ha” moment or did Modernique® evolve over time?

JB: Six years ago, I was asked to be the keynote speaker at High Point Market when two savvy women opened the Antiques and Design Center. They found me online and they admired how I mixed antiques with modern furniture. Soon afterwards, Modernique® was realized based as this has been my yet to be unnamed design aesthetic.

Julia Buckingham talks fashion with Sarah Jane Bourque

A Background in Fashion

SJ:   I was so surprised to read that you actually started out in fashion merchandising.  How does your view of interiors translate to your closet?  How would you describe your sense of style when it comes to dressing?  What is your fashion motto?

JB: Fashion is my life. I am 100% inspired by fashion. Even when I started my career at Neiman Marcus, I was intrigued by the way that I would see fashion being absorbed into my surrounding. It wasn’t long before I realized that the way that I dressed (colors, patterns, textures) that I also saw that in our homes. I dress almost identically to how I create interior spaces by using layering, multiple textures and patterns. My fashion motto is, “A little bit is never enough for me!”

SJ:  Do you have any #stylegoals? Can you share a few of them with us?

JB: Faux fur, Chanel, ankle socks with booties and some serious hosiery.

SJ:  Where do you most like to shop? Do you ever buy your clothes or jewelry online?

JB:  Almost exclusively online – hello Net-A-Porter and Neimans!

Julia Buckham talks style

Julia's Jewels - What's the Story?

SJ: With a background in design, travel, fashion and antiques, I have been so curious to ask you what your thoughts are on jewelry.  Do you have certain pieces that you like to wear every day or that have a story behind them?  What kinds of jewelry pieces do you feel great in?  Are there any jewelry pieces that you lust after?

JB: I have a thing for collecting vintage Chanel! I wear my signature Amedeo carved intaglio crown ring everyday. I also never leave the house without my turquoise Van Cleef and Arpels studs that I purchased for myself when I finally felt that I had made it in the interior design world.

Modern Creative, Julia Buckinghams Talks Jewelry With Jewelry Designer Sarah Jane Bourque

Julia's Musings?

SJ: Julia, your talent and creative vision inspire so many of us.  Is there anyone in particular that inspires the way you dress and/or influences your work?

JB: My dear friend, Ken Downing, is my fashion inspiration! 

SJ: What is your idea of a fun time when you are not working?

JB: Spending time with my hubby, children (when in town from Chicago and Berlin) and our two Wheaten Terriers, Jane and Frani

Julia Buckingham relaxing with her two wheaten terriers

SJ: What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?  And where can we buy your fabulous collection?

JB: You can buy my collection at Modernique® which is located at Uptown Plaza in Phoenix, Arizona and online at I have a mix of my collection with Global Views as well as many vintage finds and our newest undertaking, Jonathan Adler! Thinking we need to have some Seneca Jewelry, too?!

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