The Largest Aquamarine Ever!

The Largest Aquamarine Ever!

Can you believe this 1,401 carat FLAWLESS aquamarine, generously donated to the Smithsonian Museum by my long time friend Mr. Mookim?  The stone is larger than my hand!  Mr. Mookim is one of the nicest  people that I know in the jewelry industry and I have purchased my gemstones from him for over 25 years. As you can see the aquamarine is encased and labeled in its original custom case.  There is so much character in this piece and I am sure there is quite a story behind it.  It reminds me of something straight out of Indiana Jones.

When I recently saw Mr. Mookim in Tucson for the AGTA gem show, I tried my hardest to convince him to let me have this stone for a pendant
- but he did not budge.  Instead, he offered me the finest Santa Maria aquamarines which I use in the Jubilee Talis Cuffs.  


Top quality Aquamarine tennis bracelet cuff in 18k gold

Grand Jubilee Talis Cuff with AAA Santa Maria Aquamarines handset in 18k yellow gold.

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