The Invasion Of The Designers

Give me a "Kardashian" and I will show you a designer. These days every other celebrity is a designer.  Blogger-designers are everywhere too.  

When will the invasion end?  With robot designers, of course. We can only hope "artificial intelligence" has fashion sense! 

Before we start taking our fashion advice from R2D2, let's take a look at how designers went from being highly specialized professionals to untrained "pros."

Here are four reasons "everyone" is a designer -- and what you can learn from the invasion:


Follow The Money

From HGTV, Project Runway, Street Style Fashion, Etsy, Instagram, and Pinterest the world of design is a two trillion dollar industry.  It's all about the Benjamins.  Follow the money and you might just find the next great designer, or someone pretending to be a designer.

Quality, however, always trumps glitz.  Keep your eyes focused on great designs that work for you and you cannot go wrong.

 Social Media Designer

Social Media

If you are a celebrity or a social media influencer, your fame and power alone guarantees your designer status. Social media can bring out the best and worst in design:

The best:  Social media enables talented artists to emerge who otherwise might not have had a chance in the "old" pre-internet days.  Keep on the lookout for rising stars.

The worst:  There are thousands of "selfie" made designers marketing something.  Often times their websites are the only thing they have going.  Look beyond a website and decide whether there is something behind the slick storefront.


Robots aside, technology now allows anyone anywhere in the world to have access to skilled artisans.  Email a CAD drawing for a client in Europe?  No problem.  Want to see what a new design looks like in 3D.  Done.

Technology will continue to enhance designers' options as well as customers ability to buy anything from anywhere.  But, if you are traditionalist, there will always be those designers who offer unique, handmade jewelry and designs. The choice is yours! 


I don't think you will find too many designers who do not love what they do.  Studies continually show an uptick in happiness as we fulfill our creative desires.  Find me a designer at their craft and I will show you a happy person.  

Take a lesson from designers: find your passion -- it is easier than ever to explore what you love.

Understanding why there are so many designers begs the real question: "What differentiates a great designer from the rest of the pack?"  We will explore that next time. In the meanwhile, I hope each of you are taking some "alone time"  to express yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of life in 2017.

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