The "AH-HA" Earring | Diamond Sanguine Luxe Heart Drop Earring

When I hear the word "practical," I immediately think "boring" or "mid-size SUV"; at least that was the case until I started wearing the Sanguine Luxe Heart Drop Earring.  This earring style is nowhere near boring and probably one of the most practical and comfortable earrings I have ever worn.  

The Diamond Sanguine Luxe Heart with Seneca's Nero finish is the perfect dose of artsy and the right amount of flirty-dangle; all while remaining inside the parameters of everyday chic.  There is not a day that you won't grab for these lovely earrings while getting dressed. We are seriously in love!  


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Diamond Heart Drop Earrings In 18k Gold and Sterling Silver

Diamond Heart Drop Earring In 18k Gold & Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Diamond Heart Drop Earrings

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