Our #1 For Your #1

Cupid is keeping things exclusive this Valentine's day. ♥

Give your one and only something no one else can this Valentine's Day: Seneca's first ever to be made Jubilee Talis Cuff with rubies.  It's not only Seneca's first, but it is also the only one guaranteed available before Valentine's Day.

Rubies are a well known symbol of love and protection; while the Talis Cuff's couture quality, design and craftsmanship easily blends with modern lifestyles -making this cuff the perfect gift for the one you love.

Jubilee Talis Cuff With Rubies The Perfect Gift For Your Valentine Sweetheart

The Jubilee Talis Cuff is cast in solid 18k yellow gold and handset with 2.8 carats of the finest quality (AAA) African rubies. 

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