#1 Summertime Earring is the Large Sterling Silver Hoop

#1 Summertime Earring is the Large Sterling Silver Hoop

How to Keep Your Cool During Record Breaking Heat

If you are a desert dweller, like me, you know how hard it is to dress up in anything more than loose comfortable clothing during the summer months.  And the same probably goes for every other part of the country with the addition of suffocating, sticky humidity.  Necklaces can be sticky for some and rings don't fit for others - but you can always count on a great pair of earrings.

It's Never Too Hot for a Classic Silver Hoop Earring

The casual ease of summertime is perfect for big hoop earrings.  A pair of bright and shiny large sterling silver hoop earrings gives any outfit a fresh and uplifting edge - try wearing big hoops with breezy linens, sporty shorts, t-shirts and cool cottons.

Wide woven weave hoop earring in sterling silver

Investment Hoops

If you are not a fan of fast fashion and prefer to invest in quality jewelry that outlives trends, then consider these Large Trenza Hoop Earrings in sterling silver.  This beautiful hoop style balances out the face and lends the right amount of understated sophistication to whatever you are wearing.  Its elegant herringbone weave and wide width give this hoop an expensive and timeless look that distinctly sets itself apart from the disposable wire hoop earrings on the overly saturated fast fashion market today. 

Big woven hoop earrings sterling silver

Large Trenza Hoop Earring

Here are a few other sterling silver hoop styles that you might want to consider for stand apart summertime style:

Large ball hoop earrings sterling silverLarge Astra Hoop Earring

Extra large woven hoop earring with blue topaz baguettes

Trenza Magna Hoop Earring with Blue Topaz Baguettes

 Multi hoop dangle drop earring with blue topaz

Affinity Hoop Dangle Drop Earring with Blue Topaz


Click here if you would like to see our entire assortment of sterling silver hoops.

Stay Cool Friends! 


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