Moonstone:  Always Captivating

Moonstone: Always Captivating

"No woman was ever wise by chance." Seneca

Each year I stroll the aisles of the Tucson Gem Show; and each year I find myself seduced by the hypnotic and mysterious adularescence of moonstone. "The unearthly glow caused by light scattering between microscopic layers of feldspar." GIA 

Grand  Jubilee Talis Cuff With Moonstone

 Grand Jubilee Talis Cuff With Moonstone In Sterling Silver

June's birthstone is a talisman for wisdom and prophecy as well as a protector for travelers.  I am attracted to moonstone’s season-less color.  It's neutrality makes it easy to wear year round with all color palettes.  Moonstone can be worn with sun kissed skin and summer whites or leather and layers of cashmere in the dead of winter. 

Seneca Grand Jubilee Talis Cuff With Trenza Talis Cuff

Grand Jubilee Talis Cuff With Moonstone & Trenza Talis Station Cuff

What do you think of Seneca's newest Talis Cuff? Would you like to see more Seneca designs in moonstone?  I know I do! 

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