Jewelry During Holiday Party Season

Jewelry During Holiday Party Season

Holiday party season is a great time to go a little above and beyond what you would normally wear to a party any other time of the year.  You can add a little extra bling to your outfit and actually not feel like a walking Christmas tree.  When heading out to a holiday party, I always like to incorporate something unexpected to my outfit. This year on the clothing front, it's fishnet stockings and on the jewelry front, it is my favorite combination of Jubilee Talis Cuffs with pink tourmaline, green tourmaline and diamond.  The sophisticated combination of pink and green tourmaline works surprisingly well this time of year and even more so with black. To me it reads festive, happy and glitzy - and that is all good! :)

Tourmaline And Diamond Pave Cuffs In 18k Yellow Gold From Seneca Jewelry

(pictured above: Jubilee Talis Cuffs in 18k yellow gold with pink tourmaline, green tourmaline and diamond) 


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