It's Not Your Mother's Tennis Bracelet

It's Not Your Mother's Tennis Bracelet

Fine Jewelry Gemstone Bracelets with Meaning

Our 18k gold Jubilee Talis Cuff bracelets are designed with the intent to be much more than a diamond or precious gemstone bracelet.  Each bracelet represents a special thought message which comes from the ancient philosopher Seneca.  These ideas magically resonate with your own life story.

heirloom gemstone bracelets gold

Jubilee Talis Bracelets in 18k gold with blue topaz (courage), diamond (eternal love), garnet (friendship) and amethyst (optimism)

Collectible Heirloom Bracelets 

Available in every stone imaginable, choose from birthstone cuffs or gemstone cuffs with meaning; Seneca's gemstone bracelets are collected and stacked to wear together to elegantly represent your life story and or personal meaning.

pink and green tourmaline gold bracelets

Pink tourmaline (creativity), Green tourmaline (confidence) and diamond (eternal love) Jubilee Talis Bracelets in 18k gold

A Bracelet Made with Integrity

In the spirit of haute couture, Seneca's Jubilee Talis Cuffs are made with integrity and a passion to create a piece of jewelry in the best possible way.  Our desire is to give you the best and most beautiful gemstone cuff bracelet.  Unlike many other gemstone bracelets that bend, fall apart, lose stones and end up with broken clasps and mechanisms - due to trying to increase margins,  we have decided to ignore cost cutting margins and just make the best bracelet we can make. 

diamond and ruby bangle bracelets 18k gold

Casual Sophistication with diamond and ruby Jubilee Talis Cuffs along with 18k gold Trenza Talis Bracelet

Remember 1970's famous tennis phenom, Chris Evert Lloyd scanning the court mid match trying to find her lost tennis bracelet?  How many thousands of tennis bracelets have been lost since then? The clasp would come loose or it would get hooked on something and bam! Gone forever!  Jubilee Talis Cuffs fit like a second skin.  No turning, no obnoxious jingle-jangle noises and no falling off.

We use only the high quality precious and semi-precious gemstones which are handset set by a master gemsetter and jeweler the entire way around the cuff (not halfway).  We want your bracelet to look stunning when you are coming and going!  Cuffs are cast in the finest quality metals (18k yellow, white or rose gold) (not 14k gold) and use the highest quality gemstones on the market (only AAA and AAAA rated stones).


Jubilee Talis Cuffs Are Simple Luxuries For Modern Casual Lifestyles

Elegantly stacked 18k gold Jubilee Talis Bracelets in pink tourmaline, green tsavorite and diamond

Custom Made Bracelet to Order

Each Talis Cuff is custom made to fit your wrist - so you never worry about it slipping off.  Once you choose the cuff style you like; take an exact measurement of your wrist by following these directions and choose one of three available sizes in your fit range and we will take care of the rest. If you are concerned that your wrist size isn't in the range of the three sizes offered online; call or email us and we will personally help you order the size you need.

If you would like to create your very own design, contact Seneca directly and we will make it happen for you. We love getting creative!

Sapphire and diamond birthstone bracelets

Blue sapphire and diamond Jubilee Talis Bracelets guarding a custom made birthstone bracelet (each stone signifies a grandchild's birthstone)

Once you experience the simple ease and beauty of wearing a Jubilee Talis Cuff, your life will never be the same! 

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