It's Never Too Hot For Hoops!

It's Never Too Hot For Hoops!

As a desert dweller, the summertime is really hard for me to dress up in anything more than loose comfortable clothing. Every spring I get excited for the warmer weather and I profess to myself "This summer will be different!  I promise I am not going to run around in workout clothes everyday and I am going to really try to wear real people clothes."  Annnnd every summer I start out great the first couple of weeks:  linen blouses, breezy shorts floral silk tanks, lightweight dresses, white jeans - but then I ultimately wake up one day and "Gawd! It is just too hot to even think about getting dressed unless I absolutely have to.  And that my dear friends is what I LOVE about jewelry; no matter what clothes I have on I can always wear jewelry. 

Casual Summer Time Hoop Earring Brings Sophistication | Large Trenza Hoop Earring

The casual ease of summertime is perfect for oversized hoop earrings.  Lately, I have been wearing the Large Trenza Hoops in sterling silver.  I love the way this hoop style in particular balances out the face and lends the right amount of understated sophistication to whatever I am wearing.  The Large Trenza Hoop Earring is a forever classic that will carry you a long, long way.  

Stay Cool Friends! 



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Large Trenza Hoop Earring Sterling Silver | Seneca Jewelry


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