Top Five Reasons a Diamond Cuff is the Most Desirable Fine Jewelry Piece for Women

Top Five Reasons a Diamond Cuff is the Most Desirable Fine Jewelry Piece for Women

A diamond cuff bracelet is elegant, timeless and every kind of beautiful.  Below are five reasons why this luxurious bracelet outshines the ubiquitous diamond stud earrings and diamond solitaire pendant and why modern women desire this breathtaking piece of fine diamond investment jewelry over the others.

large gold and diamond stack bracelets cuffs

18k Yellow Gold & Diamond Grand Jubilee Talis Cuff & Classic Jubilee Talis Cuff  

A Diamond Cuff Makes You Feel Beautiful

Gracefully balancing on one's wrist - there is a modern elegance to an 18k gold cuff bracelet wrapped in diamonds.  It's flirtatious.  It's feminine. It's empowering.  All of these feelings make you feel inspired and beautiful.  But how can you possible get those uplifting vibes if hidden underneath your hair, like diamond stud earrings or tucked beneath your blouse, like a diamond pendant?  Plus, you don't even get to enjoy seeing these pieces as you where them.  An elegant diamond bangle is visible on your wrist for you to personally enjoy; which in turn brings levity and lightness to your day and a smile to your face which you project out into the world. 

18k white gold and diamond open cuff bracelet

18k White Gold & Diamond Grand Jubilee Talis Cuff (3mm diamonds)

Diamond Bracelets Are Forever

We have all heard of the famous phrase "diamonds are forever," coined in 1947 by mad woman / copywriter Mary Frances Gerety.  Frances nailed this one. I think we can all agree that diamonds are the hardest gemstone known to mankind.  But Frances' brilliant phrase used as propaganda to sell diamond engagement rings also inferred that when you are given a diamond it means "a forever kind of love."  Let's face it, even if things don't work out in the relationship, no one throws out the diamond, regardless of how it is set.  They might give it back (or away), redesign it or sell it, but it's not going in the trash can. That diamond really is forever.

18k yellow gold and diamond cuff bracelet

18k Gold & Diamond Grand Jubilee Talis Cuff (3mm diamonds)

 Diamond Cuffs Are The Ideal Neutral

In the world of jewelry and gemstones, diamonds are the ideal "neutral.  With pearls sliding into second place.  A diamond cuff works with everything you wear.  A pair of stacking diamond bangles bracelets are equivalent to your "go to" white blouse, your black cashmere sweater and your favorite pair of blue jeans (which by the way would all look great with diamond cuffs).  Speaking of neutrals, many women feel that a pair of diamond stud earrings and or a diamond pendant are great investment pieces.  I would agree that these are both excellent basic fine jewelry pieces if you like to play it safe and be like everyone else (yawn).  However, a diamond cuff stands on its own and projects self confidence.  It moves with your body as it subconsciously flirts and dances with those around you.  Ooohhhh!! 

gold and diamond stacking cuff bracelets

18k Yellow Gold & Diamond Classic Jubilee Talis Cuffs (2mm diamonds)

A Diamond Cuff Is Exclusive

Not everyone is able to invest in a beautifully crafted, high quality diamond cuff.  The main reason being that it is quite costly.  That being said, you get what you pay for.  Jubilee Talis Cuffs are crafted to last a lifetime.  Each diamond heirloom bracelet is custom made to order based on your wrist measurements and specifications. Seneca Jewelry's  Diamond Jubilee Talis Cuff is made in the United States by highly skilled fine jewelers using traditional techniques that are only used by some of the most prestigious jeweler houses around the world.

18k rose gold and diamond cuff bracelet

18k Rose Gold & Diamond Grand Jubilee Talis Cuff (3mm diamonds)

 A Diamond Bracelet Is A Jewelry Gift With Meaning 

Most of us don't receive a diamond cuff everyday (if you do, please reach out to me asap).  And more than likely, every diamond that you own has some level of symbolic meaning.  Giving someone diamonds is a symbolic message that you are very special, very important and very loved.   A diamond cuff is an excellent gift for an anniversary, a special birthday, an important achievement, a holiday, or because whoever is giving you the cuff wants you to remember them - like really, really remember them.  Whether your cuff is a gift to symbolize a bond, or it represents an important experience; the sentimental meaning of your diamond bracelet deepens its value all the more - making it a beautiful heirloom to pass on from one generation to the next. 


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