Every Day Glamour Has Arrived: The Trenza Noble Collection

It is with great pleasure to share with you the Trenza Noble Collection in non-tarnishing sterling silver.  An extension of the classic Trenza group with the addition of bold and mouth watering emerald cut gemstones.  For late fall 2018, Trenza Noble debuts with the most desirable London blue topaz and royal amethyst stones.  

Trenza Noble Rings In London Blue Topaz and Royal Amethyst

Trenza Noble Rings in London blue topaz and royal amethyst

A Classically inspired collection with modern nuances, Trenza Noble zeros in on everyday glamour.  Whether it's a trio of cuffs, an oversized hoop w/ an elegant stone or a bold gem ring: all pair well with jeans, suiting, leisurewear and cocktail attire. 

Trenza Noble Magna Hoop Earring with royal amethyst

Trenza Noble Magna Hoop Earring with royal amethyst

Styles range from medium to large lightweight hoop earrings, bold gemstone rings w/ comfortable narrow shanks and everyday statement making cuff bracelets sized to fit your specific wrist - a core part of the Seneca Jewelry collection.

Trenza Noble Cuff Bracelet in London blue topaz

Trenza Noble Cuff Bracelet in London blue topaz

As with almost all Seneca Jewelry, the silver pieces in the Trenza Noble Collection are all cast in a non-tarnish sterling silver. This type of silver is more costly than casting with regular sterling silver, however, the brilliant shine, tone and hue of the metal is truly unique.  Not only will these jewelry pieces not tarnish, but  they are easily mistaken for white gold because of their clean and vibrant look.  I fell in love with this metal the first time I casted with it and I can't imagine going back to regular sterling.  Besides, as I said before, what is luxurious about having to polish silver? NOTHING.

I welcome you to take a look at the new collection!

Sarah Jane x

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