Don't Sweat It!  3 Great Jewelry Hacks For The Athleisure Trend

Don't Sweat It! 3 Great Jewelry Hacks For The Athleisure Trend

Wearing workout clothes as wardrobe staples has become ubiquitous.  As an "on-the-go" mother who is always trying to finesse my time management skills, I have certainly been sucked into the trend of rolling out of bed, throwing on my designer lycra/spandex ensemble and rushing out the door with kids in toe and a mile long to do list trailing in my dust.

The "athleisure trend" has understandably taken fashion by storm, but what hasn't been addressed is how jewelry plays a role in this super casual and sporty way of dressing.

Below are three great jewelry tips to help you take your sassy spandex to the next level:

1. A Touch Of The Unexpected

A treasured design technique of mine is to add a touch of the unexpected. When I created Saint By Sarah Jane in the late 1990's, it was the asymmetrical placement of my signature bee onto necklaces and bracelets that upgraded the uniqueness and appeal of the collection. People loved the fact that the bees were placed off center.  I also like to use this concept in my home by having either a piece of furniture, accessory or color that catches you by surprise.  The same design hack can easily be applied to workout clothes.  The next time you slip into your spandex, accessorize with a cocktail ring, an artsy pair of earrings or a chunky chain choker - whichever you choose, make sure it is only one piece, otherwise it won't work.

2.  You Can Never Go Wrong With Cuffs

Okay, this is a shameless plug...but I will be honest with you, one of the reasons I started Seneca Jewelry was because I really wanted to design pieces to wear that worked for my personal lifestyle.  I wanted pieces that worked for an active day with transitions, that didn't bug me, and that had personal meaning and sophistication.  The concept of wearing all of the little junk metal wire bracelets, beads, twisty strings and "what nots" on my wrists, (which is a trend I sometimes see) seems counter productive and works against the idea of wearing workout clothes to simplify my life in the first place! Honestly, I find myself getting stressed out when I think about how long it might take to pull together these combinations - let alone contemplating coming up with some compilation of random doodads that coordinates perfectly on my own wrist.  I admit I tried it a few times and ended up walking out the door with nothing - AND I AM A JEWELRY DESIGNER!!!  Bottom line: that's a lot of work for a pair of leggings, tech shirt and runners.  The stacked Talis Cuffs I designed are perfect for wearing with athletic wear (they also look sleek with tech wearables). Slip them on and G-O!  Plus, heaven forbid, if you are forced to change out of your spandex and into a pantsuit or cocktail dress - Talis Cuffs have you covered.  

3.  Earrings, Earrings, Earrings

I see many woman out and about in workout clothes with no earrings.  Wearing earrings is a fun "upgrade" if you want to take things up a notch.  There are many earring options -- from wire drops to mismatched pairs.  At the moment my personal favorite earring is the Sanguine Falling Heart Earring.  No matter what your style, taking a few minutes to put on some interesting earrings can elevate your workout gear to elite runway status.  Try it! 

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Leslie Register

Leslie Register

I agree with ALL you said. I love to throw a little bling on with my workout clothes. It really dresses it up!
Hope you are well. Keep in touch.
PS tell your mom hello!❤️

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