Design As An Organic Process

Design As An Organic Process

One of the things I love about designing is how one idea leads to another idea and so on.  For me, a very exciting part of the design process is the unplanned surprises.  When I am working on a collection I typically focus on a singular "run" of ideas or a certain theme at one time. What always AMAZES me is how different runs can work together and I don't intentionally plan for it while I am sketching.  An example of this is how fantastic the Trenza Talis Cuff layers with the Athena Talis Cuff.  Two completely different designs with totally different objectives - yet somehow when put together, one would assume it was intentionally planned that way all along.  Well, the cat's out of the bag! I never intended for these two collections to play off of each other.  I look forward to continuing the development of these two collections and who knows what other surprises there will be along the way.

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