"As Long As You Live, Keep Learning How To Live." Seneca

"As Long As You Live, Keep Learning How To Live." Seneca

Welcome to Seneca Jewelry!

I created Seneca Jewelry to provide my customers with jewelry that is visually stunning and meticulously crafted.  Wear Seneca Jewelry, knowing that each piece is crafted in the United States by skilled and talented local artisans.

Seneca designs have meaning beyond the gold, silver and precious stones that comprise our pieces.  From the moment you receive your unique piece -- encased in a keepsake box with a special message -- you will know and see that jewelry can and does have meaning beyond its physical beauty.

I purposefully chose the name "Seneca" to capture the wisdom of the ancient philosopher Seneca, whose wonderful and uplifting messages are just as relevant now as they were two thousand years ago.  Wear Seneca Jewelry knowing that it - and you - are grounded and supported physically and spiritually.

Seneca represents an evolution in jewelry.  Come join the evolution!

Sarah Jane Bourque

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