A Modern Approach to Timeless Jewelry

You are beautiful and confident.  You have a deep appreciation for style and design.   You want to feel inspired.  You realize that what you wear will set the tone for the day.  You are gracious.  You realize the jewelry you wear is an expression of yourself.  You believe in serendipity. 

Created by American jewelry designer Sarah Jane Bourque and based in Phoenix, Arizona; Seneca Jewelry is a high-end jewelry brand creating artisan jewelry with precious metals and gemstones.  Seneca’s elegant jewelry style merges modern edge and ease with the wisdom of ancient philosophy.  Collect and enjoy timeless jewelry that conveys a sense of savoir-faire which embraces chic fashion sensibilities.

You will always feel beautiful when you wear Seneca.

Sarah Jane Bourque Jewelry Designer
Seneca Jewelry complimentary gift wrap seneca jewelry's elegant packaging